About Us



After years of gaining first-hand experience in building big business from the heart, traveling around the world sitting in & leading plant-medicine ceremonies, healing generational wounds, leaning into our twin-flameship, mentoring under master intuitive channels, and communing with Mother Earth to remember her original wisdom.....here we are, with a very clear understanding of what our community is needing right now.

We care less about what gives us street cred (the businesses we've built, the financial data, the press….you can google that), and care more about this:

We listen.

We have formed deep, lasting relationships with our community (what's up soul fam) and we just know them.

We are one of them.

We know what they need.

We know what they're feeling.

We know what they're asking for, now.

We feel so intimately connected to our people, and honestly...we want to play more with them. We want to go deeper. We want to support further.

Because we just love them that freaking much.

We just love you that much.

So welcome home, to our sisters & brothers who have been putting the call out--we listened, and we couldn't be more proud to showcase KAPU as the answer.

To us, KAPU is a fun, high-vibe, deep, homey, SAFE container where we can offer our passionate voices forward to our family and provide equal space for them to use theirs.

Ah and to be real, we are kinda over instagram. It can be hip & fun, but we are ready for the real, the permanent, the uncluttered.

NO comparison.

NO low vibe.

NO overwhelm.

NO limits to connection.

NO waste of creative energy.

Welcome to an inclusionary platform that we highly sensitive starseeds & light-leaders can finally feel great about.

Thank you for trusting us,

Makenzie & Michael


‘‘Mak and Michael’s ability to invite others to connect more deeply, share more openly and live more embodied in their truth are just a few examples of how their way of being impacts others. There are no pedestals in their soul fam. M&M truly empower every single person they lock eyes with to be seen, heard and most importantly encouraged to own their greatness. Witnessing their presence, honesty, humility, kindness and pure hearts of love and service in all that they do is a constant inspiration. They are upgrading the blueprint of business, relationships, money and so much more. do your soul a favor and absorb their medicine.’’